"Many men have claimed that the relics still exist and to find even one of them could mean unlimited power to the bearer." ~ Sheriff Kenny, Issue 1

In an age of swords and sorcery, of honorable knights and frost-breathing dragons, five powerful Relics were lost and forgotten by time. Hundreds of years later, in a small river town, four bounty hunters are met by a mysterious stranger with an old map revealing the location of one such artifact: The Demon's Eye. With the promise of a large reward for its retrieval, Wulfstan, Theodar, Vivian and Nod take up the quest to search the frozen peaks of the Daggertip Mountains for the fabled Relic. Little do they know of the dangers that await them...

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Relics Issue 0

"Hmmm... You know Nod would call me a fool to refuse this much gold. Now, I may be stupid, but I'm no fool. Let's go find ourselves a Relic."

 ~ Wulfstan

Meet four bounty hunters, Wulfstan, Theodar, Vivian and Nod, as they find themselves in a small fishing village on the trail of some notorious outlaws. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger may prove fateful for the small band of heroes should they accept his perilous quest...

Relics Issue 1

"Evil had taken hold of the hearts of men. Villages were pillaged and burned. Men, women and children were murdered and left as food for the crows."

 ~ Sheriff Kenny

Learn the bistory behind the ancient and powerful artifacts known as the Relics. Our heroes are joined on their adventure by the sheriff of a small town on the outskirts of the Daggertip Mountains. What perils await them in the frozen peaks...

Relics Issue 2

"Believe me, your men are beyond saving now. If they were fortunate enough to survive the dragon, then surely the mountain will claim them. Those who came with you are either dead...or soon will be."

 ~ Morticcus

The adventure contines when Wulfstan, Vivian and Nod come face to face with the nefarious necromancer, Morticcus. With his will bent on collecting each of the fabled Relics, Morticcus will use any and all options at his disposal. Have our heroes finally met a nemesis who can't be stopped? Or will they find a way to outwit the most cunning sorcerer alive...

Relics Issue 3

"Then, to everyone's utter surprise, you - you arose... and with the strength of a hundred men, lifted him up and impaled hom on the Pillar of Blood."

 ~ Nia

Nod had been transported to another time and place where he must fight in gladiatorial combat in order to save his own skin. Meet a cast of new characters including the beautiful Nia, the evil Lord Kerr and the dreaded Aegeus the Berserker. With very little information and plenty of temptation, will Nod find the Relic or be lost to fighting pits...

Relics Issue 4

"I've heard enough of your squawking. I didn't climb a thousand steps and slay 50 men to hear you talk!"

 ~ Vivian

Vivian has stepped into the portal and winds up in a thunderstorm. Dripping wet and cold, she seeks shelter in the warmth of a solitary cabin where she finds the one man who just might have the information she needs to find a Relic in this land of high sorcery...

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